The CCES is a client-centered process that streamlines access to the most appropriate housing intervention for each individual or family experiencing homelessness. Within a Coordinated Entry System, clients are prioritized for housing based on vulnerability through a process that is data-driven and real time.

The Coastal Coordinated Entry System (CCES) for Adults, Youth, and Families coordinates supportive services and housing resources across Coastal Georgia, to form a collaborative, no-wrong door network that connects homeless individuals and households to services and housing.

  • Creates many “front doors,” to the homeless services delivery system, making all participating providers a point of access
  • Lifts the burden of navigating a complex maze of resources from the person experiencing homelessness by providing someone to help navigate the housing process
  • Encourages resource coordination among service providers so that people receive the right type and level of services and housing supports for their needs
  • Ensures strategic use of limited resources
  • Distributes resources more equitably across the region
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